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Cleveland Clinic adding their two cents on the fabulous lavender plant.

How to use the lavender plant

Dr. Lin says just breathing in the fragrance of a lavender blossom provides big benefits. To enjoy it as aromatherapy, use the flowers to make:

  • Lavender soap.

  • Lavender-infused oil for your skin.

  • Sachet or potpourri bag.

  • Scented bath.

  • Tea. (“Tea provides double the benefit since you’re inhaling the scent and getting the medicinal components of the plant by drinking it,” notes Dr. Lin.)

Dr. Lin also suggests using dry or fresh lavender flowers in your cooking. “Lavender is an ingredient in the French spice mixture, herbs de Provence. But be careful how much you use. Too much lavender can make food or tea taste soapy.”

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