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Friends with Benefits

Updated: Jan 21

Will you benefit from using the soaps at Soap Esteem? Of course, we are going to say Yes Yes Yes! The formulation for our soaps is fairly simple, we use Coconut oil for the Cleansing and Healing properties.

We use Olive oil for its moisturizing properties, it has antioxidants that can repair damage done by free radicals on the skin. Plus, Olive oil has been used for thousands of years...

Palm oil is one of those (you better not be using it) oils, that have some people up in arms, but please our Palm oil is from Sustainable Forests planted for using it in making soap, and so many other items. Soap Esteems Palm Oil is Certified Sustainable. Please keep reading.

Since the plight of palm oil and its link to environmental degradation has come to the foreground, there have been efforts to address this. In 2004, The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was founded and developed a set of criteria to minimize harm to the environment and promote sustainable practices. Producers of palm that meet these are RSPO certified.

Moving forward the benefits are very well documented, it moisturizes and has Vitamin A and Vitamin E, plenty good for your skin.

The final two butters that we add to soap are Shea and Cocoa with that said these lovely Butters delight in moisturing very dry skin.

Well I hope this gives you an oversite of our soaps, and what they generally are made from. There will be special ones and I will add info to the blog with a link to that particular soap. Hugs to All


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